We are sorry but we are No Longer Accepting Large Heavy Coated Dogs Over 30LBS

A Low Stress Quiet Salon.

Flexible hours, over 45 years of experience, happy dogs and happy owners! Gentle hands.

Warwick Center, Upper Level, Lititz, PA 717-799-5149 or 717-627-1077 We accept Credit Cards

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We are no longer accepting large heavy coated dogs.

Ears to Rears, is for RainBear a way to combine her greatest loves. Dogs and their care and making them the most beautiful they can be. It is a 'private dance of trust' between, the dog, the owner and RainBear. We are thankful you as the owner entrust us with your special best friends. We never take this blind trust for granted. Each dog teaches us their language and message, with each we gain more knowledge of each precious pet. Whether it is your puppies first groom or a gentle caring groom on your wise senior pet all remind us of the gifts they are and how to make the most of each day we have with them. To return home daily to my own precious dogs is just a reward and gift of doing what I love daily.

Dogs love our NO STRESS atmosphere. Only 1 dog here at a time., unless you have more than 1 you want us to spoil. Less stress, more tummy rubs.

At Ears to Rears, grooming dogs is our passion. Our highest priority is the health and well being of "the best dog in the world – YOURS. We are the Salon your DOG WANTS to COME TO. Our primary goal is to give you and your pet what you want.

Look what our customers are saying !!

Thank you so much for all you've done for Dorie.  After being scared by her previous groomer, Dorie would would shake and growl if anyone other than family tried to get near her.  Luckily, I found you.  You understood her fear and worked not only with her but also with Denny and me to help Dorie become a calmer, friendlier, well adjusted dog.  I don't know of anyone else who would have brought puppies to a grooming session to help a scared little dog become more socialized. We appreciate all you have done for Dorie and for making us better dog owners!  I believe you  truly are a Dog Whisperer. She always looks adorable after you've groomed her.  It amazing how many styles you can think of for a 9 pound dog!!!  Best of all she wags her tail and spins in circles when I say, "We're going to see Rain Bear!"  What a difference!!!
Thanks again for all you've done and for all you continue to do  -- and for keeping Dorie looking so stylish.
Debbie F



Summer 2009

Age 10

Pet grooming of all breeds and mixed breeds:
puppy cuts, breed specific cuts, summer cuts, handstripping, show grooming, baths, ear cleaning, nailcuts & grinding, de-shedding, de-matting, etc
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Dazzle says, come see the orange blinking poodle!

All dogs are hand dried, NEVER cage dried.

• Full Grooming - Includes bath, blow dry and brushing, nail trim, ear clean (if possible), and haircut
• Bath Package - Includes bath and blow dry, brushing, (limited to normal brushing, NOT de-matting) sani trim, nail trim, ear clean (if possible). Trimming will incur additional cost.

Proof of current innoculations is required

When you see beautiful dogs on TV or in the movies, remember a professional groomer keeps them that way. It is simply "what we do."

We are not the "big box store, fishbowl" salon. At Ears to Rears you will speak with the groomer that actually does your dog to your specifications, not an all over same jobs like the next dog. In fact many of our customers start out with us so we can fix just that.


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